New Caledonia is a country that appeals to the senses; full of rich colours, extraordinary flavours and sounds as interesting and diverse as its landscape and people.  It is home to the world’s largest tropical lagoon, a beautiful blend of French and Kanak culture, with fantastic scenery and wildlife.

To help celebrate the sounds of New Caledonia Tourism sent musicians “Crooked Colours” to the heart of the Pacific and followed their young, adventurous spirits as they searched for, discovered and captured the everyday sounds of the islands.

Regarded as one of Australia’s rising musical acts in the electronic scene, Crooked Colours were tasked with combining their musical talent and passion for travel to create two bespoke audio tracks that emulated their recent adventures in New Caledonia.

The band went on a mission to explore the country’s urban areas and countryside, capturing distinct sounds and accompanying video along their way and eventually collating this into a music piece that connects and transports the listener to the destination; introducing the Sounds of New Caledonia.

Check out the video below:

New Caledonia’s sundry landscapes deliver sounds, and voices, that will delight the senses and highlight the blend of cultures united on the islands.  The varied regions offer unique and interesting sounds, whether they be from the blue waters of the crystal clear lagoon (the world’s largest), the clip clop of hooves from rural ‘cowboy country’ in the west, the crunch of baguettes in the Gallic hub of Noumea or the echo of percussion instruments from Kanak villages in the east.

Watch a behind-the-scenes video of Crooked Colours in New Caledonia: